P. D. Halt takes you to a dark side of the German art scene in trendy 80s Cologne, with her debut suspense novel, When Death Imitates Art.

Cologne, West Germany, 1980

Amanda Lee, a young American gallery owner, discovers the murdered body of her business partner, Marlene Eichler. Hours later, she finds a painting depicting the scene down to the jagged knife wounds and splattered blood. She offers to help the police identify the artist/killer, but learns that she’s a prime suspect, along with her partner’s ex-husband. Thrown together by circumstance, she finds herself falling deeply in love with him even though her senses scream beware.


She soon realizes how little she knows about Marlene as she wades through the murky waters of her past—illicit affairs, a tumultuous marriage, and underworld connections. Now Amanda must confront the mind-numbing truth and the terror of a brutal demise as she stumbles across her own death painting.

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A luscious mélange of art, love, and murder.




P. D. Halt left her native Virginia for New York when she was 21, where she joined the mad men of advertising. She wrote award-winning campaigns in New York and shot commercials in Paris for Yves Saint Laurent. Interpublic offered her a job in Germany which led to life-changing experiences and the plot for her debut thriller,
When Death Imitates Art.


Halt now lives in Manhattan with her two literary cats Bubbles and Jasmine and is a member International Thriller Writers.


“Don’t start believing your own press releases, dear boy.
Remember, I’m the one who wrote them.”

            –Dieter Becker, Art Critic



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“Next time you have an auto accident, don’t call Homicide.”

            –Polizei Unter Kommissar Rudolf



Sheila Sobel, Author

Killer Nashville Reviewer


Amanda Lee is not having an easy time of it. After giving up her life in the United States for romance and a new life in Germany, everything begins to unravel. When Amanda’s fiancé dumps her, and with her New York life behind her, she forges ahead and creates a new life for herself by partnering with wealthy divorcée, Marlene Eichler, in opening a new art gallery. Just when Amanda is happy again and believes her new life to be firmly established, she is viciously attacked, her gallery partner is brutally murdered and again, her life begins to unravel, only this time, the consequences could be deadly. Not only is Amanda the prime suspect in Marlene’s murder, but she also discovers that she too, is a target. Set in the art world of 1980’s West Germany, P. D. Halt’s debut thriller, When Death Imitates Art, is a fast-paced novel of art, power, murder, and intrigue. P.D. Halt, a native Virginian, and veteran of the advertising world lives in New York and is a member of Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers.


Congratulations on this terrific read. The setting -- the art world and the rarified milieu of Cologne -- the colorful characters and the pace contribute to a not-to-put-down book. Great scene as Amanda fights her way out of the evil one's clutches...while leaving me in delicious suspense over which one of the suspects was the actual killer!! Brilliant! (I did not guess) The art gallery background makes this sophisticated mystery particularly timely and intriguing. I wish you much success with When Death Imitates Art.

Penelope Karageorge

Journalist, Author, 



 “It is nothing a good shot of vodka cannot cure.”

            –Marlene Eichler, Partner Lee-Eichler Gallery


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